LangMOOCs – Language Massive Open Online Courses


  • To step up support for language learning and promote multilingualism through the implementation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for language learning, and the creation and promotion of language Open Educational Resources (OERs).
  • To research the potential of MOOCs in language learning, fostering a strategic use of ICT.
  • To promote the use of MOOCs in non-academic institutions, connecting and supporting language teachers and education providers across the EU.


  • A research on the theory of online language learning and teaching practice.
  • Exploration, classification and evaluation of available MOOCs for language learning.
  • Development and finalization of guidelines containing the core course elements of a Massive Open Online and Interactive Language Learning Environment.
  • Development of language lessons in digital format in 5 languages
  • Planning and implementation of pilot language learning MOOCs in 5 languages


  • Research report on the pedagogical framework of MOOCs
  • A report on available MOOCs for language learning
  • LangMOOC toolkit
  • Language Open Educational Resources in 5 languages
  • Pilot MOOC for language learning
  • A report on the pilot courses with recommendations for future improvement


  • Coordinator: Active Citizens Partnership (Greece)
  • CESIE (Italy)
  • Iberika education group gGmbH (Germany)
  • Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service (UK)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)

Project start and finish date: 28/12/2014 – 27/12/2016

DG of reference: DG EAC, National Agency (Greece), Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for adult education